JK Wrangler Racks

JK Rack for JK JeepIf you are looking for the best Jk Jeep rack on the market you come to the right place. You can order our award winning swing rack for you Wrangler.
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TJ Wrangler Racks

TJ racks for JK Wrangler JeepsYes, we do make TJ Wrangler Jeep racks and they are tough as our JK racks. Once again you can remove you top without removing the rack.
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Rack Accessories

Jeep rack accessoriesWe have a number of accesories for your rack. Including baskets, canvas covers for shade, snorkel rack arms and more.
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Wrangler Rack Store Online Store

Online Jeep RacksYou can order your rack online and we will ship it to you or you can call Toll Free: 888-998-1980.

Wrangler racks

Welcome Wrangler Racks X- Wild Boar Products

We make award winning and tough racks for TJ and Jk Jeep Wranglers. We use our patented design which allow you to swing the wrangler rack over to allow for easier access. Our parent company is Wild Boar Products which manufactures a whole host of quality Jeep Aftermark accessories.

Jeep Rack Store

We have racks for both two door and four door JK and TJ Jeep Wranglers. Our Jeep racks allow you to remove the top without removing the wrangler rack. We have over 13 years experience building the best Jeep rack on the market.Whether you are carrying your kayack or camping gear the Wild Boar heavy duty Jeep rack will carry the load on the toughest trail conditions. We make tough cargo racks for the real world which at times is very demanding.Read more

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Client Testimonials
These Wrangler racks are unbelievable! Between the quality and the way it swings over to make loading easier, this is the best rack on the market.By - Robert B.
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